Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to All! – from Me to You

Merry Christmas to you:

Life is full of different colors and different shades of those colors. Imagine – country and city are two different colors. Northern and southern USA are two different colors.

My life begins in the country in the southern USA. Each time a color is mixed or introduced, a new color develops or is added next to the old. If too many colors are mixed, the color becomes muddy, dark, and often ugly. And such is life.

So let’s start with yellow, red, and blue. These are the primary colors, and the colors of youth. Add some sparkle. Substitute gold for yellow. Combine yellow and blue for green. Add white or silver for purity. Now you have Christmas. And a merry, merry, Merry Christmas!

Revisited – The Wonderful Childlike Anticipation of a Merry Christmas

As most children, I had a very narrow view of everything. I thought Christmas was the same all over theplace. And that it would stay that way forever.

Our Christmas consisted of two family reunions carried out the same way every year, and toys with nuts and fruit, under the Christmas tree. We believed in Mary and David,Bethlehem and Jesus. The children looked forward to Christmas withanticipation.

Sometimes we visited Dad and Mom’s friends before Christmas. We might have a real cedar tree for Christmas. But we always looked forward to Christmas Day.

Many Christmases we would have a play at Atoka Presbyterian Church. All the children participated. If they couldn’t be anything else, they would be angels.

The ritual usually started with a dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Walker’s house before Christmas. Meals were pot-luck. The meat and dressing were made by the host. Everything else was brought by the guests. All three of their children and their families showed up to eat Christmas dinner. At least twenty-one people gathered for that night at Grandma and Grandpa Walker’s house in Atoka.

Christmas morning we would spend some time playing with the toys that Santa brought and eat breakfast. Grandma and Grandpa Walker showed up to see everything. Then we’d be off to Mother’s parent’s house for Christmas lunch. Three of their four girls met at the country house in Guiltedge with all their children to have lunch. Nineteen or more would be there. The Christmas tree was usually real.

Oh, how much fun it was to see the whole family each year. Christmas was a wonderful time of the year for children.

Every person’s life is a masterpiece. This was part of mine. Merry Christmas!

by Stehanie

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