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Most recently the blogs on Honor Sphere have centered around family memories and knowledge – This American Life. Many of these memories relate primarily to the life of the owner of Honor Sphere. But she believes that family life and family memories are integral to the healthy existence of all human beings. She hopes that you will remember your life and put it in writing so other people have the chance to explore the existence that is uniquely your own.

This American Life

Explore this American Life – Then You Need to Focus on Your Life

I hope to interest you with some of the excitement and general happenings of this American life. Childhood sparkled with magic. College was an unveiling of reality. Adulthood seems somewhat difficult at times but always with a sense of mystery and hope for the future. When going through a particular experience, it is often hard to write about. But with hindsight comes clarity.

Enjoy reading these stories. Then begin your own journey of exploration.