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Are you interested in how to make money blogging as a passive income?


I like to read articles on the internet. I have a website and I spent years setting up websites for free – volunteering. Now I would like to make money from my website.


These are articles I have read about making money online.


Outstanding Blogging Tools to Help Focus Your Perspective



Announcing – Articles That Really Spir the Imagination


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See the website for more information.



How to Increase Your Website Traffic

  • 25 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website” by Dan Shewan
    1. Advertise
    2. Social Networks
    3. Mix up Content
    4. Irresistible Headlines
    5. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    6. Long-Tail Keywords
    7. Guest Blogging
    8. Invite Others to Blog on Your Site
    9. Referral Traffic
    10. Post to LinkedIn
    11. Implement Schema
    12. Link Internally
    13. Interview Thought Leaders
    14. Email Marketing
    15. Responsive Site
    16. Fast Site
    17. Sense of Comunity
    18. Comment on Sites
    19. Examine Analytics
    20. Active on Social Media
    21. Submit Content on  Sites
    22. Use Video in Content
    23. Research Competition
    24. Host Webinars
    25. Attend Conferences

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  • 27 Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2018
    1. Use your on Post Links when Guest Posting
    2. Upgrade old Posts
    3. Use “Click to Tweet” Links
    4. Use LSI Keywords
    5. Transform Your Content
    6. Go on Podcasts
    7. Promote with Blogger Outreach
    8. Relaunch Content
    9. Create Content that Appeals to Influencers
    10. Share Videos on LinkedIn
    11. Host a Giveaway
    12. Use Share Triggers
    13. Retarget with Facebook Ads
    14. Reduce Bounce Rate
    15. Publish Long-Form Content
    16. Optimize for Mobile
    17. Have an active YouTube account
    18. Publish Viral Content
    19. Promote Blogs and Videos on Quuu
    20. Republish on LinkedIn
    21. Use a Question Anilizer 
    22. Add Enticing Content to Social Media
    23. Improve Organic Click-Through-Rate
    24. Publish more Posts
    25. Steal Competitor’s Sources
    26. Drive Traffic from Forums
    27. Syndicate on Medium

See the website for more information.


See the website for more information.




See the website for more information.


Boost You Income by Selling Awesome Things from these URLs

This is one of my kits: is an affiliate site. On this site, you can make commissions by creating designs for products. Every time a product is sold with your design on it, you make a commission and you set the amount of your commission. So if you are a creator, this is a great site for you. Zazzle has regular promotions and discount sales which help attack customers. Advertise the discounts on your own site, for more sales. 


These are some of my creations:



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