Laughter is the Best Medicine – Truth

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(Notice: My contain objectionable language.)

“With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”

~William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

First I am not a comedian and have never been able to tell a good joke. However, my husband knows how to make me laugh. He always has. He started out doing donuts in a bright orange full-sized van in the parking lot where the main library in Memphis is now located. When we laughed at Idlewild Presbyterian Church, we should have had a good indication of what our life would be like.

How I Made Other People Laugh

In college, I did make someone laugh before I met my husband. A guy gave me the phone to talk to his brother in Louisville. I swear, all I said was “Hello” and he burst out laughing. After that, I spent years working on making my accent less “funny”.

Also, I did the “Little Bunny Foo Foo” routine in Communication Class one time. I’m not sure if they were laughing at me, or with me, or both. It really didn’t matter though.

I Literally Crammed to Make My Class Laugh

First of all, I didn’t learn the routine until just before the class. But, apparently, it’s a nursery rhyme. For those that don’t know the nursery rhyme, here it is:

Little Bunny Foo Foo

(works best if hand movements are used)

Little Bunny Foo Foo (Hand movement: First two fingers as ears bouncing up and down)

Hoppin through the forest.

Scooping up the field mice (Scooping motion with right-hand)

And boppin’ them over the head. (right-hand hits left-hand, which is balled into a fist)

Down comes the blue hairy fairy (Both hands move downward with all the fingers wiggling)

“If I catch you (shake right finger)

scooping up the field mice (Scooping motion with right-hand)

and boppin’ them over the head, (right-hand hits left-hand, which is balled into a fist)

I’ll turn you into a blue hairy fairy. (shake finger)

I’ll give you five more chances. (still shaking finger)

Repeat all of above with “four more chances” on the last line.

Then repeat all of above with “three more chances” on the last line.

Next, repeat all of above with “two more chances” on the last line.

Almost done – repeat all of above with “one more chance” on the last line. (sound very serious)

Repeat all of above except after you say “Down comes the blue hairy fairy” say

“And poof she turns you into a goon.” (Make your hands into a fist. Finally, at “poof”, open all the fingers.)

The End

Videos That Will Tickle You Funny Bone with Laughter

Comedy is good for all of us. Consequently, the following video has two of my favorites – Johnny Carson and Robin Williams. Hope you enjoy.

The following video contains one persons idea of the greatest female stand-up comics:

Certainly, comedy tempers my serious side. It reduces stress. Laughter helps the flow of blood. I know I am a very serious person, but I love laughter. And I enjoy seeing other people laugh. As a result, I never like to upset people, but sometimes I do in order to defend myself or those I love. It’s really easy to tell if I’m laughing. That cackling sound of a witch, that’s me. I try to control that sound, but sometimes it just bursts out.

by Stephanie

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