Halloween Pumpkin Poop

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Halloween is almost here and we are just not ready.

So I've been thinking.

Thinking about Halloween … Poop

Halloween has long been a fun holiday for us. I usually like to try something new every year. This time I wanted to make some Halloween Pumpkin Poop. I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be a fun project. Pumpkin Poop is usually categorized as a Halloween Recipe or as a Halloween Party item. You would think the poop would be especially prevalent during a pumpkin carving. I managed to collect it without carving any pumpkins. Anyway, I decided to try this,  without instructions, to see what turned up. So here goes nothing …

We had a fun experience at the store.

Buying Poop

My husband and I went to Kroger and gathered everything we needed for this project. Then we headed to the register.

Husband said to cashier, “You know what that is?”

Cashier looked puzzled and said, “No, what is it?”

Husband – “That’s Pumpkin Poop!”

Cashier smiled and said, “Well, if that’s Pumpkin Poop, I know Pumpkin Poop tastes good!”

I needed some inspiration.

Halloween Pumpkin Poop Inspiration

Two small pumpkins provide enough motivation for the duration of our Poop project. As expected, the Halloween Pumpkin Poop looked great. Well satisfactory. It’ll get the idea across.


Halloween Pumpkin Poop Inspiration

The pumpkins sit on a white pot, leaving a trail of Pumpkin Poop behind.

I set up a production process.

Halloween Pumpkin Poop Production

I prepared our packages by writing “Pumpkin Poop” on Kroger Freezer bags. My writing instrument was a black Sharpie we bought from Hobby Lobby. The quart freezer bags came with a white write-on block, so the words “Pumpkin Poop” would show up on the bags.


Halloween Pumpkin Poop Production


Kroger Puffed Cheese Balls 7 oz




Kroger home sensetm Freezer bags, 20 count, quart size with write-on block



Believe me, this project couldn’t be too complicated or I would never do it. My husband requested twenty (20) Halloween Pumpkin Poop bags for work. It didn’t take too long and they were ready to go. Not beautiful, but ready.


Step by Step



2 – small pumpkins (optional)

2 bags –  Kroger Puffed Cheese Balls 7 oz

1 – Kroger home sensetm Freezer bags, 20 count, quart size with write-on block

Sharpie Permanent Marker, Extreme Fade Resistant, black or color of your choice

small plastic bag turned inside out for handling puffed cheese balls



  1. With permanent marker, write“Pumpkin Poop” on each of the twenty quart sized bags.
  2. Place fifteen (15) puffed cheese balls into one quart size bag.
  3. Seal the zip lock on the bag.
  4. Repeat 19 more times.


“Halloween Pumpkin Poop” and Honor Sphere?

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