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We Swam in a Fantastic Concrete Pond, Made with Love

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With another stroke of my brush, I’ll add another layer of my childhood. These were wonderful times for me, so the colors are bright. My masterpiece continues!

Waxlers was the local swimming pool. We sent many hours there at Tipton Crossing enjoying the company and the water. But Dad decided we should have our own pool.

I remember tales that Dad found someone on Highway 51 to dig the hole. Rebar was fashioned to the shape of the pool –  shallow end on one side to deep end with diving board, light, drain, and stairs on the other side. Concrete was shaped over the rebar.

Superior White Cement Covered the Promising Sizable Pool

Marble Dust cement covered the pool. It had to be replaced regularly. Sometimes once a year. Amy and I made good workers back then. We also took turns sweeping and/or vacuuming the pool every day it was open. There was no such thing as automatic sweepers and our brother was much too young for that kind of physical labor. But we had as much fun as we worked!

We enjoyed parties and company. Many people, over the years, have remembered our swimming pool. Very few people in the country had one. So, we enjoyed ours as much as we could.

Create your own masterpiece, good or bad, using the event of your life.

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With just a few minutes a day, create your own masterpiece.

by Stephanie

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  1. Wynne Walker O’Kelley

    I remember sliding down the sides of the pool in the winter with Barry when it iced or snowed! It was fun!

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